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A contractor who cares about the needs of their customers makes sure that there are numerous options available for them when it comes to the heating of their home. Not every home is the same, and not every family wants the same type of heating system. Whether you prefer boilers, furnaces, heat pumps or radiant heat, at Warren Heating & Cooling we can help you get the heating you need for your NJ home. Our heating products come from some of the best home comfort manufacturers on the market, like Carrier® and Mitsubishi®. Learn more about the products and services we offer below:

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  • Boilers: Having a boiler in your New Jersey home can help you stay warm all winter long. Boilers provide homes with hot water radiators the heat they need to keep every room in your home toasty and comfortable. At Warren, we’re proud to offer a line of boilers that provide a range of efficiency from 80 to 99 percent, so you’ll enjoy better heating – and less energy use. In addition to boiler installation, we offer boiler repair and maintenance, too, so you can count on us to meet any boiler need you might have.
  • Furnaces: At Warren, we have the furnace products you need to keep your home and family comfy and cozy all year round. No matter what furnace services you might need – installation, repair, maintenance or tune-up, our qualified technicians will expertly assist you so that you have the heating you need for your NJ home. If you need to install a new furnace, we can help you get into a high-efficiency model that will help you stay warm all winter long – and potentially help you save money on your energy bills.
  • Heat Pumps: A heat pump provides higher efficiency by transferring hot air instead of burning fuel to heat your New Jersey home. Warren is proud to offer the highest quality heat pumps from Carrier to fit the needs of your home. These heat pumps are equipped with Greenspeed™ technology, so they offer environmentally sound, ENERGY STAR rated comfort. Plus, they use the non ozone-depleting refrigerant Puron®, as they help keep your home cool in the summer as well.
  • Radiant Heating: If you suffer from allergies caused by dust, pollen and certain spores, you probably suffer when faced with forced air heating. Indoor air quality products can help, but when you have severe allergies sometimes the best option for heating your NJ home is radiant heating. Radiant heating is installed under the flooring and transfers heat into the room via infrared radiation and convection – keeping your home warm and toasty without the need for blowing forced-air heat.
  • Oil to Gas Conversions: If you’ve been considering converting from oil to natural gas heating for your New Jersey home, Warren can help. We offer oil to gas conversion so that you can experience greater home comfort as well as energy savings. Natural gas provides better energy efficiency, using anywhere from 89 and 98 percent of the fuel burned to directly heat your home. With an oil to gas conversion, you won’t have to worry about running out of fuel, because natural gas is piped directly into your home.

When you need expert, courteous heating services for your NJ home, you can count on Warren to help. We’ll make sure you get the service you need so you and your family can enjoy the ultimate in home comfort. Simply give us a call at (908) 735-0791 and we will be more than happy to help you with any heating products or services you might need.

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